The Botticelli Angel

  • 17:38 *strolling the grounds, slowly admiring the paintings displayed and the music echoing through the grounds* ♫ #
  • 17:43 listening to "Franz Joseph Haydn – Orlando Paladino (1782) – Cavatina for Angelica – "Palpita ad ogni istant… ♫ #
  • 18:06 *laughs at the thought of mon brat at the piano* ♫ #
  • 18:22 *laughs* Ah mon cher, I had expected your visit earlier. Knew you would not be able to stay away long; and I do enjoy Shakira but Ma Belle > #
  • 18:24 and her new found coven seem to be so fond of this next song I am very much enjoying it myself. *laughs, waves hand to change cd gadgetry* #
  • 18:24 listening to "bloodletting – concrete blonde" ♫ #
  • 18:41 We shall see mon pet now shan’t we? *laughs* I do so love your feisty ways, why have you not come for a visit yet? This is my wish. *amused* #
  • 18:49 *leans forward on chair, hand slowly setting on desk* Times will never change for us to the point you believe *slithers out* MON PET. > #
  • 18:51 But, *calms, fakes pain in dead heart* mon Dieu, you injure me so by confusing me with mon brat et ma belle I do not settle I conquer *grin* #
  • 19:07 *nostrils flare, looks around opulent room, knowing smile takes over face* I have more than all know and I never fail when I truly desire it #

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