The Botticelli Angel

  • 17:58 *walking the gardens of my Estate when a ripple passes my sub-conscience mind. several moments of concentration when* Ah ma belle.. I see > #
  • 17:59 you have disobeyed your *snickers* dare I say it "Alpha" *gleeful laugh* what shall we do with you this time mon chér? punishment is a must* #
  • 18:20 "So head strong so belle mon petit *laughs* yes punishment is a must" #
  • 18:22 "You must learn respect and obedeince mon chér" laughing at the thought. at the memories. at the screams… *continues my stroll* #
  • 18:47 *fires of lust building at the memories* now I require that which will extinguish what you have awakened in me ma belle. someone shall > #
  • 18:48 suffer me tonight *taking to air with my thoughts* I think it will take several someones to easy the ache I once again have for ma belle. #

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