The Scholar’s Words

The Scholar

  • 23:36 -the lateness of the hour is a concern as the phone chimes on the desk- Bonjour. David Talbot speaking. #
  • 23:48 @Lestat_L -stands quickly not minding the chair that falls to the floor- WHAT?!? Merde Lestat. When did this … -thinking quickly- how? > #
  • 23:49 Are you sure he is not playing some game with you. I would have been notified of such a move on her part! @Lestat_L #
  • 23:55 @Lestat_L -running one hand through my hair the other wishing to throw the phone- No wonder he is in such a rage. @SantiagoDkAngel > #
  • 23:55 has refused to answer any of our calls after reporting he was going on a hunt -thinks mutters under my breath-merde- > @Lestat_L #
  • 23:56 That he was going on a hunt out of town. I believe he mis-lead us and meant out of the county. Why didn’t I look more into that. @Lestat_L #
  • 00:04 @Lestat_L -stopping to collect my thoughts- But Lestat. Why would Elise leave in the first place. And to the States? You don’t think… #
  • 00:11 -once again drawing on the calmness to take over- Mon Ami. Let us not get ahead of ourselves. First let us -continues to explain- @Lestat_L #

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