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  • 18:47 [looking up at you dazed] It’s been beautiful already. A surprise? I love them, yes please. [tucking my arm in yours] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 18:52 [smiles] I find that hard to believe. The theater, your company. Everything has been so amazing. [getting into the car] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 18:59 [sensing more than your words speak out loud] Let us just say that together we are making this night … interesting. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:03 [moves in closer to whisper] Your assistant isn’t much of a conversationalist, is he? [nervous chuckle] @Gabriel_Garnier @ LaurneceMoreau_ #
  • 19:08 [was it a mistake to look into those piercing eyes? captured thoroughly now] I can see why he would be. focused that is. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:15 [mentally shaking off the haze] Going? [thinks for a moment calling on the spirits to keep me focused] Yes where? [smiles] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:23 [replaying past conversations] We have discussed a lot. Do you not want to tell me more or perhaps instruct @LaurenceMoreau_ > #
  • 19:23 to move a bit faster. [looking up in the mirror, catching his eye and winking] @LaurenceMoreau_ @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:29 [turning sharply to look out the window] The airfield? [looking back to you] Gabriel.. [slow smile] what are you up to? @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:34 [remembers to speak finally] This is why you asked me of my financial matters, oui? [whispers saint louis] We are (c) @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:34 leaving tonight then? [barely able to sit still to act refined. who was i kidding. throwing myself into your arms] Truly? @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:39 [kisses your lips quickly then looks at the private jet] Oh my, Gabriel. This is yours? [Excitement clear on my face] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:46 [getting out of the car to gaze at the jet. standing still] We are really leaving? This very night? I.. [pauses] Gabriel.. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:51 [moves with you] Gabriel wait. I don’t have anything packed. No clothes, no no. [thinking all that I have to do] I can’t. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 19:55 [stumbles under the suddenness-weight of the voice commanding me sends Non, Santiago. Go away. It is time] @SantiagoDkAngel @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 20:02 [nods masking my irritation] Yes Gabriel, I’m fine. Just overwhelmed with such a surprise as this. It’s so much..[worried] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 20:07 [my irritation at being interfered with raises the spirits to growl out in protective anger-sending back- NON it is done] @SantiagoDkAngel #
  • 20:15 [hearing a roar in my head your instructions that we are taking off coupled with my own unease has me confused] Maybe (c) @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 20:16 I spoke too hasty about leaving. I.. [looking over at you] I want this very much I guess I’m just unsure of myself. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 20:22 [closes eyes while squeezing your hand for support] I do I am I’m ready. @Gabriel_Garnier @LaurenceMoreau_ @SantiagoDkAngel @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 20:37 [snarls and sends – leave me be Armando. You could care less whether I live or die. Just amusement to you but – no more] @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 20:42 [mental exhaustion from the past hours closing the connections on Paris slumping in my seat next to you whispers] Gabriel @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 20:49 Yes I should have feed before we boarded. I think I can make it it will just be difficult. Do not worry. Please. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 20:56 [looking from one to the other] Respectfully @LaurenceMoreau I can’t. I’m sorry. [feeling uncomfortable over this] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:02 [shaking my head] Non, I don’t believe so. We are after all traveling together. [fangs descending .. wanting to taste you] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:09 [looking down my hand joins yours following you] Gabriel. [sending feelings of need. your blood. your closeness] yes lets. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:16 [pure need sends a look from your eyes to your throat and moves my finger to run a nail lightly down the vein there] Here @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:26 [an ancestry as old as time moves me with stealth and sensual sway to wrap my arms around you while rising up on (c) @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:26 tiptoe. fangs scrape the flesh along the vein. feeling your arms pull me tight to you the permission given my bite deep] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:31 [drawing deep in hunger and need born from dreams I let go of my inner desires for you waiting .. rejection or acceptance] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:37 [feelings flood me as your blood shows the truth. quickly taking only what is needed. closing the wound with slow licks] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:42 [eyes closed briefly leaning into the caress of your fingers] Yes. Much better…Gabriel? I [stops] never mind it can wait @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:50 [smiles] Nothing. I was just overwhelmed for a moment. Thank you for taking care of my needs. [unable to say more] @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 21:57 [smiles] Thank you Gabriel. Please return soon. I do enjoy being in your company. @Gabriel_Garnier #
  • 01:37 My Dreams of Him – @Elise_Dubois “Dreams are things we give ourselves permission to have when life or death… tumblr.com/xq4cphzs6 #

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