The Scholar’s Words

The Scholar

  • 00:35 *tossing and turning a restless sleep upon me. so many worries these days with mon imp and ma belle. trying to settle once more* #
  • 00:42 -eyes suddenly open- {Armand. What is it? Are you not in Paris that you do not know the time of day it is?} @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 00:50 -slight sigh- {fine fine Armand. I find my patience thin these past days and these cat and mouse games you > @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 00:51 … like to play tax me that much more. do get on with it} -wondering what could prompt him to this action- @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:01 -still holding onto my patience .. barely- {Armando. @Satin_Rain was not a prisoner and never was. She is quite happy ..> @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:01 where she is I assure you. Now why @Lestat_L would want you to contact me about her is ludicrous. bonne journée} @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:11 -becoming very alert at his obvious attention to Satin- {Yes Armand, I am certain. -running my hands down my face- Wait > @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:12 say that again! Elise What is wrong with Elise Armand? Speak in full sentences for my patients are waning} -sitting up now- @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:20 -sends-{Oui awake all the more. Non this can not be. How would you know such a thing Armand?} Thinking back to the last > @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:20 conversation I had with Elise. oui, was a while ago but she did not seem so unhappy as to leave Paris- {And when @Boticelli_Ange} #
  • 01:31 -scoffs- {I am no longer considered a Talamascan Armand as well you know. I will see to it that this matter is taken > @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:32 care of Armando. Just leave this to us and go back to your pet. Rest well yourself, mon ami} -merdi we are in trouble- @Botticelli_Ange #
  • 01:39 -once again trying to settle calling on years of calm to assist me in rest I wonder if Armand will leave my comment about @Satin_Rain alone- #

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