The Botticelli Angel

  • 16:04 *what is this interesting device at my fingertips? *{@Lestat_L arise. Tell me what this thing called "Twitter" is. Secrets again, mon ami?} #
  • 16:10 *raising a brow* {Is that so, mon brat. So I can communicate with Ma Bélle and our Imp. You and your *tilt of my head* Demon? thru this?} #
  • 16:21 {Another gadget! How very charming. So this is how you and the others have kept things from me for so long oui?} @Lestat_L @Lady_Celeste1 #
  • 16:27 *moving slowly about the room hands behind my back… then types* {Tell me mon brat, what else have you been keeping from me?} @Lestat_L #
  • 16:41 @Lestat_L *contemplating your answer* {Is that so Lestat. I suppose we shall see soon enough. It looks as if I can glean all manners of > #
  • 16:42 information thru this little gadget. *clapping hands together* Good evening to you for now. A good evening to @Aosoth as well} @Lestat_L #
  • 16:47 *watching the list of names being compiled thru this thing called Twitter and thinks* {mon brat has held much back from me it would seem} #

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