The Scholar’s Words

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The Scholar

  • 22:59 RT @Gissy_Blood: I would like to announce to our family and friends that @Chase_Blood and I eloped today *smiles* we are married #
  • 21:43 -hanging up the phone standing to stretch un-necessary but still-I think a well deserved hunt is in order- #
  • 21:40 -rolls my eyes at this plan- Lestat, @Daniel_Molloy_ is with them on the Island. Might I suggest you talk to him first? @Lestat_L #
  • 21:35 Lestat how do you intend to supervise them? Converge on Satin’s sanctuary on the Island. That will go over well I’m sure. @Lestat_L #
  • 21:25 hurt @Driscoll_A at this rate. We need someone she can’t hurt with her anger before she get’s it under control. @Lestat_L #
  • 21:24 confess to being empty on the answers. I believe our next step is to find someone strong enough to train her. She could even > @Lestat_L #
  • 21:23 -sighs running my fingers through already mussed hair- Non Lestat. If I had I would have been able to see it before now. I > @Lestat_L #
  • 21:16 to a crisp in her anger last night. What worries me even more is that she doesn’t seem to remember what happened. @Lestat_L #
  • 21:16 -rolls my eyes at the word bestiality- Lestat back on track please. Our Imp is dangerous. She could have burned > @Daniel_Molloy_ @Lestat_L #
  • 21:09 Earth, and Water. Not just one but all can be taken on when one is a Fae. It would seem our Imp has them all. @Lestat_L #
  • 21:09 @Satin_Rain is of Fae decent of that we know for sure. According to my research The Fae are considered Elemental. Air, Fire, > @Lestat_L #
  • 21:08 -looks at the phone and wonders who it is I’m speaking to then puts the phone back to my ear- We will discuss that later. > @Lestat_L #
  • 21:00 Lestat – why is everything with YOU a story for later? @Lestat_L #
  • 20:53 ARE YOU RATTLING ON ABOUT NOW? -can’t believe I’m raising my voice like this. only him… ever… only Lestat- @Lestat_L #
  • 20:52 LESTAT … stop. One question at a time, please. -pauses- Hold on a moment. Go back. What change, Lestat? WHAT THE DEVIL > @Lestat_L #
  • 20:43 already risen. -pauses- @Lestat_L #
  • 20:43 and at that point it was enough of a scare to make @Daniel_Molloy_ put her to sleep and call me after the sun had > @Lestat_L #
  • 20:42 lost her temper with Daniel and some things started to happen. The weather changed around them. Daniel said her eyes glowed gold > @Lestat_L #
  • 20:42 evidentially @Driscoll_A felt it was serious enough to send for @Daniel_Molloy_ Now then… accusations aside. Last night she > @Lestat_L #
  • 20:42 -holds the phone out for a moment contemplating hitting end but instead- OUR child is in turmoil. You downplayed it and > @Lestat_L #

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