The Beautiful One’s Words

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The Beautiful One

  • 22:59 RT @Gissy_Blood: I would like to announce to our family and friends that @Chase_Blood and I eloped today *smiles* we are married #
  • 22:08 Maybe she would care to join us? The three of us have not been out hunting together in a long long time. @David__Talbot_ #
  • 22:06 *smiles nodding to you* Sound like a perfect plan. *rising* Shall we? *looks around* Where is @Witch_Merrique tonight? > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 22:04 the situation first and then handle it as we have handled matters in the past. Together. As a Coven, oui? @David__Talbot_ #
  • 22:02 Well David, let us not … what is it Ma Belle says? Let’s not "put the cart before the horse" just yet. Let us feel out > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 21:58 been sure of how to handle things of this nature when it came to Satin. I don’t believe that has changed any, has it? @David__Talbot_ #
  • 21:56 therefore I would have to wonder how bad it truly is. He would have spoken to us before now. *ponders* We have never > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 21:54 *nods, sitting back to cross my legs* Has anyone spoken to @Satin_Rain herself. I know @Lestat_L is not one prone to panic > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 21:48 happened David? No one is hurt I trust. I would have heard by other means. *sits in the chair opposite you to wait for news* @David__Talbot_ #
  • 21:46 *entering to see that familiar look upon your face* It must be terribly important for you to have such a look. What has > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 19:30 RT @Bastiaan_C: NEW YORK, New York it’s a wonderful town… #
  • 18:22 RT FAMILY: pls RT: @Tammyjo__: OOC: Prayers Needed 4 a member of @Jasper_Vampluvr’s family. Please keep her & her family in yr thoughts. #
  • 12:15 RT**Attention: Friends and Family** Pls #Follow @TamaraSpencer_ A new member of the Human side of Anita-Verse. Pls RT – and Follow! #
  • 13:10 RT @Aosoth: Our next step… #
  • 23:01 RT @Dawn_Matheson OMG she’s back. Everyone follow @Belinda_Vamp , this can’t be good. RT #
  • 22:37 RT @Lestat_L The Vampire and the Wolf #
  • 20:04 RT *ATTENTION* Please Follow @pastor_wilkins He will be performing the ceremony for @Dravens_Sun & @draven_blood ‘s wedding. TY -RT please #
  • 20:20 RT: Lady_Celeste1 Friends & Family: Sometimes we find that leaving isn’t the answer. PLS FOLLOW: @Gabe__Jackson *RT pls* WELCOME BACK GABE!! #
  • 18:58 RT @Bastiaan_C: A Vision? A Dream?… #
  • 13:35 RT @Lady_Celeste1 Do u luv Hard-Core Action, Big Warriors, Sexy Lovers? Check out the VWC NING, RPer’s still nded. #

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