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  • 23:59 RT @Gissy_Blood: I would like to announce to our family and friends that @Chase_Blood and I eloped today *smiles* we are married #
  • 16:42 RT If you would like to keep up with our stories pls follow: @Daniel_Molloy_ @LouisPontedulac @David__Talbot_ and @SantiagoDkAngel *pls RT* #
  • 00:07 RT: @Sun_Blood Shadows of Love: The Musings of Sun Blood: Love’s Beginning… #
  • 00:02 now and we will speak more of this later. *giving you a soft smile* @David__Talbot_ #
  • 00:01 now her current situation needs to be seen too. *holding out my hand to you* Come @David__Talbot_ the sun will be rising soon. Rest for > #
  • 00:00 Sometimes David looking into the past can only do more harm. There will come a time when that might be necessary but for > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 23:57 @Satin_Rain was so tortured in her dreams. We tried back then David none of us could find much than what we have now. @David__Talbot_ #
  • 23:56 *listening closely I can tell you are troubled deeply* @Lady_Celeste1 was never able to get deep enough to find out why > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 23:51 *entering the garden to see @David__Talbot_ studying a bed of roses intently I address him softly* David, mon ami. What has you so troubled? #
  • 19:19 FAMILY: pls RT: @Tammyjo__: OOC: Prayers Needed 4 a member of @Jasper_Vampluvr’s family. Please keep her & her family in yr thoughts. #
  • 13:10 RT @Lady_Celeste1: **Attention: Friends & Family** Pls #Follow @TamaraSpencer_ A new mem of the Human side/Anita-Verse. Pls RT – & Follow! #
  • 16:36 the same intel as all of you. But I believe there are a few things that have been missed. Would you mind taking a look? @David__Talbot_ #
  • 16:35 such as myself. Witch – Vampire… Not the most common of species. But that is not why I am here. @SantiagoDKAngel sent me > @David__Talbot_ #
  • 16:35 @David__Talbot_ -having a seat opposite yours- I am sure they would David but you know me. The States are not for the likes of one > #
  • 16:23 How is everyone in the States? -hands clasped-the familiar feeling of comfort and safety taking hold once more- @David__Talbot_ #
  • 16:23 @David__Talbot_ -smiling-David! -kissing both cheeks- It is so good to see you. I have missed you so. -a slight tilt of my head- > #
  • 16:10 him. Best to do it now I suppose. Walking down the stairs to the library, knocking gently on the door – waiting- @David__Talbot_ #
  • 16:10 now was the time to run my suspicions over @David__Talbot_ I had heard him arrive night before last but had very little time to speak to > #
  • 16:10 -after being here for a while, I still wasn’t any closer to finding out the problem than I was when I first arrived. Maybe >@David__Talbot_ #
  • 23:38 RT @Lestat_L The Vampire and the Wolf #

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